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Your business needs exposure to get more customers, and you can’t pass out flyers every day to get noticed. A sign on your car will advertise your business wherever you go without even trying.

At JR Signs, we offer vehicle wraps and stickers in Hervey Bay at an affordable price to save you money on advertising.

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Why Advertise on My Car?

With the world developing around us fast, you need to be just as quick. With more competitive businesses on the rise, your company needs to stand out. Our perfect signs for your vehicle will

  • Provide free exposure wherever you drive
  • Lower advertising costs
  • Have more impact than a billboard
  • Become a portable sign

Our vehicle wraps and stickers in Hervey Bay get you more customers so your business will not fall behind.

Wraps for All Vehicles

Whether you want a full car wrap or only your logo printed on the doors, JR Signs has your sign solutions. We offer stunning designs that fit

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Vans
  • Motorbikes
  • Buses
  • Boats

Our wraps do not damage your vehicle and come off easy when no longer desired. Advertise your brand with a wrap or vehicle stripe today!

One Way Rear Window Graphics

If a full wrap isn’t what you’re looking for, we can install a sign in your rearview window. Our one-way panel does not affect your visibility or driving and will get people’s attention.

Beyond Bumper Stickers

Kids love customizing their favourite things with stickers, and adults are no different. Your current customers can put your branded sticker in more places than their car bumper to attract more clients. We print in bulk, ensuring your brand is shown all over town.

Custom Signs and Graphics

Whether you have design ideas, just a logo, a colour scheme, or less, our expert designers work with you to give you what you want. Work with our team to create an automobile sign customized to fit your business.


Designing is the most critical part of the process. Our professionals use graphic tools to take a personal and detailed approach to your needs to get your design done right.


Once we have the completed designs, we will send them to you for approval. If any changes need to happen, we correct the plan here. Once given consent, we print the work on vinyl and laminate the designs.


This final stage means certified professionals apply the fabricated prints where you want them. We carefully apply the decals to your car indoors to guarantee no damage, warping, or bubbling. If you purchased a full wrap, we apply the prints segment by segment, usually taking two or three days.

Discover What We Can Do for Your Vehicle

When you partner with JR Signs, our vehicle wraps and stickers in Hervey Bay guarantee that customers notice your business everywhere you drive. Call us today for a consultation at 07 4124 2989!

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